Breaking the Silence

Website for the American Mental Health Counselors Association's Breaking the Silence initiative to address mental health stigma.


A great way to get the word out about stigma is by writing.

Below are several templates for anyone who would like to submit works to newspapers or magazines.

Letters to the Editor

Focus: Talk about mental illness to reduce stigma.

Words: 245

Download the template.


Focus: Mental illness is invisible but real and treatable.

Words: 244

Download the template.



Focus: Having a Conversation about Mental Illness and Stigma

Words: 749

Download the template.



Focus: Gender and Mental Health Disorders/Mother’s Day

Words: 667

Download the template.



Focus: Shining a Light on Mental Illness and Stigma

Words: 565

Download the template.



Focus: Tips for Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness


Download the template.