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Avoid the “Hurry-Up” Syndrome This Holiday Season

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By contributing blogger Dr. Hope Threadgill

Looking for something to do in November? Check out some of the aviation museums near you. November is National Aviation History month.

Knowing many people fly during this time of year and that worries and the hurry-up-syndrome occur, please be mindful to stay calm and as relaxed as possible when you are traveling to see loved ones and friends. You want to be happy and excited to see them rather than irritable or angry. If you are dreading that family get together and are going out of obligation, just repeat in your mind, “This is temporary. It is not a permanent stay. I will be back to my place very soon.” Please remember the airports get very busy this time of year. Avoid flying the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving to reduce airfare and maybe avoid the larger crowds. A survey by Orbitz travel found that you will be joined by nearly three-quarters of your fellow Americans during this travel season. So travel safely.

Check out the top ten travel tips, which are: do your research, stay connected, pack light, pack earplugs, don’t get hangry, ship gifts or give gift cards, travel on off-peak days, travel early or late in the day, plan for the unexpected, inhale – exhale. They can be read in more detail at .

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